Bet365 is an amazing online site for games and gambling. They offer everything from sports betting, to casino games, to their world class poker client.

All new Bet365 Poker customers are eligible for a 100% deposit match worth up to a $200/£100/€100 bonus. We will describe the details of the welcome bonus further below, but to be eligible, new customers should register their account with the Bet365 bonus code CBC365. By enter the CBC365 bonus code, all new customers are eligible for the maximum poker bonus available, as well as the Bet365 Sports and Casino welcome bonuses.

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This Bet365 bonus code also provides free sports bets! Read more about the Bet365 Sports Bonus Code offer here.

Bet365 Poker Review

One of the best features of Bet365 is the Poker client. Bet365 Poker offers a sleek look that is highly customizable. You can choose from a great selection of attractive avatars to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

bet365 Poker Table


Bet365 Poker offers a few unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. One of these is the show all-in odds feature, which displays your percentage of winning the hand during all-in bets.

The cash games begin at $.02/.04, and go all the way up to $200/400. Whether you are a low stakes or a high stakes player, you will definitively be able to find a table that is right for you.

Where Bet365 Poker really shines is with its sit n go offerings. Bet365 has a TON of sit n go’s relative to other poker sites. They pretty much have one of the widest variety of sit n go’s on the internet. You can play 2 player, 4 player, 5 player, 6 player, 8 player, 10 player, 18 player, 20 player, 30 player, 50 player, and 100 player sit n gos at any time.

Buy-ins range from $5000 down to $.10, so basically every size of buy-in you could want is available. They also have special deep stack, short stack, and satellite sitngos. If SnG’s are your favorite poker game, then you will be in heaven at Bet365.

They also have many regular large tournaments. One highly featured tournament is the monthly $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament.

As for cash games, they have all the usual suspects, including:

Texas Holdem
Omaha Hi
Ohmaha Hi/Lo
Stud Hi
Stud Hi/Lo

bet365 Poker Lobby


This is a pretty large site as far as traffic goes. There are usually at least 30,000 players online during normal hours, which means you should be able to find the exact game you want without any problems.

Bet365 Poker has some pretty lucrative bonus offers for new players. The first offer is a 100% match bonus for up to $200. This is pretty sweet, since it means that if you deposit $200, Bet365 will give you an additional $200 on top of that. Like any poker site, this bonus is released according to the number of hands played or, in this case, merit points earned. We’ll further detail the bet365 poker bonus below.

Bet365 Poker gives all its new users a generous freeroll entry into a 100,000 merit point tournament. 100,000 merit points have a cash value of $1,350, so this is a great way to get your experience at Bet365 off to a great start. Additionally, the top 100 finishers in the 100,000 merit point freeroll get a free entry into the monthly $2000 beginners freeroll. Bet365 sure gives away a lot of opportunities to score some free cash.

Bet365 Poker Welcome Bonus

You’ve seen the big Bet365 promo! Earn a $200 bonus, but how does it work? Well, I’ll make it real easy to explain.

First off, it matches your first deposit up to $200, so if your first deposit is $100, then you will only potentially earn $100 in bonuses. To get the full $200, you must deposit $200 minimum.

Now say you’ve deposited $200. How do you earn the money? The bonus money is released to you $10 at a time when you earn 1200 of what they call “Merit Points”. Merit Points are earned through the rake or through tournament play. This means to unlock the entire $200 bonus, you must play 24,000 merit points worth of poker.

For the sake of argument, most poker pros state that playing online allows the player to play roughly 40 hands an hour, which is one hand every 90 seconds, compared to playing in a regular casino where you can only play about 20 hands in an hour.

The chart is included on this site: — it is progressive but also costly. If the rake is 5 cents, for example, at 40 hands an hour, you would have to play 93 hours, 45 minutes, nearly four straight days, or 3,750 hands to earn 1200 points and your first $10 bonus, this amount of time goes down as the rake goes up. If the rake is $3.00, then you can earn 1200 points in 1 hour, 52 1/2 minutes, or playing just 75 hands. In either event, you have to bet big to win big.

You also must redeem all your bonus money within 60 days. A person who does the $3 rake will get this playing just two hours a day for about 47 days. So it is very possible to earn the full $200 in the time allowed.

Also, you can earn merit points by entering in a tournament. 15 Merit Points are earned for every dollar you spend in a tournament entry fee. So at that rate, when you do $80 worth of tournaments, you will earn the 1200 points and get your first $10 bonus at that time. If the tournament is a $5 entry fee, then you would have to play 16 of those tournaments and the length can vary. Whereas if you play a $20 entry fee, it would only require 4 of them. With a short tournament of say, 20 minutes, you can earn your first $10 award playing 80 minutes of tournaments. Be careful because tournaments aren’t always a fixed length of time.

The other thing is that Bet365 has discretion over whether they can award the money. The discretion is: you have to make an honest effort to play. They will disqualify you if you are a sitter, and just squander away the bet with the blinds. As with most casinos, the house isn’t just going to give the money away. Most Texas Hold ’em players do throw away a lot of hands, so this doesn’t mean you have to play every hand or even a certain percentage of hands. All it means is that the house doesn’t want people grabbing a soda, sitting out every tournament and watching The Simpsons while they should be playing poker.

In conclusion, a bonus of up to $200 can be earned, but you have to play aggressively to earn it.

Bet365 Offers Everything

With a single Bet365 account, you can access all the products and services offered by Bet365.

Bet365 Sports lets you bet on every sport you can think of. You can bet on the Olympics, American Football, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and a lot more.

The Bet365 Casino features an insane amount of games. You can play card games like Blackjack, Baccarat, or even War. They have table games like Roulette, Craps, or Casino Holdem. They have video poker games like Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, or even Tens or Better. You can play Keno, Heads or Tails, and even Rock, Paper, Scissors! The number of slot games on offer is huge. They also have a “Live Dealer” feature for many of their casino games. This is great for players who miss the real casino experience of having an actual dealer. There is a live video stream of the “Dealer”, and players can interact with them via a chat interface.

The Bet365 mobile app is considered one of the best apps for betting and gaming.

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