Bonuses are very important in today’s online poker landscape. Bonuses and other special promotions are critical in attracting new players to an online poker room or casino. Particularly with online poker and the poker games getting tougher as players develop their poker skills, you need to play better every day in order to guarantee yourself a healthy winrate, and if not, supplement your poker game with any player incentives and promotions so that your time at the tables is worth it. And online poker bonuses are a great help towards that, because they are essentially money left on the table, easily within reach.

When considering joining an online poker room, and taking advantage of any new player bonus, it’s always important to look for a poker bonus code that can provide you the maximum bonus, or other special perks, normally not available. Most of the online poker rooms prompt your for some sort of Bonus Code when either registering a new account, or making your first real money deposit. At this point, be sure to use the best bonus code possible to get all the extra perks and bonus dollars you can! We’ll provide you some great poker bonus codes on this site so check them out!

Poker bonuses are particularly handy when you are building up your bankroll. Whether you just started from zero or have recently cashed out a very significant part of it, bonuses will always help to get your bankroll back on track.

But what exactly are these poker bonuses and how can you get your hands on them?

Online poker sites will almost always give you some sort of first deposit bonus or new account bonus. These range in total amounts and rate of issue, but typically you’ll find welcome bonuses that offer 100% of your deposit bonus for up to a maximum bonus amount of $600 or so.

There are also a few rooms which will double your initial deposit, which means that if you deposit $300, your bonus will be for $600. Also available are reload bonuses which are just like first deposit bonuses except they may clear at different rates and will be available to you on a regular basis instead of just once per account. You will also encounter milestone bonuses, which will be awarded to you (some may have to be purchased however) once you clear, for instance, certain player points milestones. Some rooms even offer No Deposit bonuses, which allows you to get the ball rolling on real money tables without even having to deposit!

Obviously, if somebody gives you extra money like that, it is an excellent contribution towards your poker win-rate.

Online poker bonuses have a few important aspects as to how they work. The most important piece is how long it takes to clear, or earn, those bonuses and convert those bonus dollars to real money. Another important aspect of the bonus is how large it is, and if is released in one lump sum or in chunks. Most of the sites have some sort of player points in place, and the bonus clearing rates are explicitly given to you. You should always investigate your site of choice thoroughly to find out which ones they have and how they clear.

Poker bonuses act as a type of cashback or rakeback program. You earn a portion of the rake and fees that you have paid while playing poker. Typically, the online poker rooms offer between 20% to 35% of your rakeback in the form of the poker bonus. But some poker rooms, like the USA friendly Bovada Poker room provides a 60% rakeback offer by way of their welcome bonus. Read our full review of the Bovada Poker site here.

Bonuses can help increase your roll if you have been breaking even in tougher games. And there is no problem with stringing poker bonuses one after the other, hopping from poker site to poker site and taking advantage of all their bonuses in order to build up your poker bankroll. You should also keep an eye out for other types of bonuses, such as reload bonuses which are how some sites reward your continued business, and milestone bonuses which are usually available in one form or the other in the site’s bonus store or VIP store, and these reward you for achieving different player point milestones.

The most important thing to know is what kind of bonus it is and how fast it clears.

So what are you waiting for? Build yourself a Jupiter-sized roll by making smart use of all the poker bonuses available to you, all that free money is available to you right now!

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