March 29th was a popular day for cash game players at PokerStars. PokerStars was scheduled to deal their 60 billionth cash hand that day, and they were giving huge prizes in celebration. There was the potential to win thousands of dollars in bonuses by participating in milestone hands.

The best prize was, of course, reserved for the 60 billionth hand. For all the milestone hands in this promotion, the bonus money received was calculated by multiplying a certain dollar amount by the VPPs earned in the previous 50 hands at the table. For the 60 billionth hand, this dollar amount was $500. The goal was to win the 60th billionth hand, however, because the winner was to receive even more money than this. They were scheduled to have their bonus money doubled, and they were also going to be given $60,000 on top!

Tables filled up quickly as players were playing as many tables as possible to give themselves the best chance of playing in the huge milestone hand.

The 60 billionth hand was finally dealt at a $5/$10 short-handed Limit table around 2:40 GMT. Spectators were shocked when one of the players folded their hole cards and only five of them stuck around until the river. In the end Q3o won the hand on a K3269 board, which surprised everyone that watched the hand.

One of the six players at the table received $11,040 as his milestone winnings, and four of them earned $21.05k. The happiest man at the table was Pogo650, however, for he pocketed an amazing $102k!

Pogo650 is known as Michael Rumsey in real life. He usually works as a tax adviser but happened to have the week off, so it only made sense to play a bunch of poker during the milestone celebrations. When asked what he’d do with his winnings, he said that he’d start with paying off his taxes, and then he’d go shopping for a car.

The next milestone is 70 billion, which should hit near the end of this coming summer.

Americas Cup of Poker Preliminary Rounds on PokerStars

PokerStars is a truly global poker brand and maintains a presence in as many of the continents as possible, coming up with unique promotions and contests for people all over the world. If you live in either North or South America, try playing the Americas Cup of Poker.

In the Americas Cup of Poker, Team PokerStars Pro players and online qualifiers compete for their home country. 8 different teams will have the chance to play a live freeroll with a $100k prize pool! This year’s live final is scheduled to take place in Rosario Argentina from May 30th to 31st.

You can earn points for your country by playing select tourneys online. Placing well in these tournaments will also earn points for you. You must earn as many points as possible in order to make the team that goes to the live final in Argentina.

To participate in these special tourneys, you need to get on PokerStars from now until the 13th of this month. The tournaments feature buy-ins between $0 and $11, which means that you can participate no matter what state your bankroll is in. When these qualifying tournaments are finished, the six countries with the most points automatically make the live final. Since there are a total of ten teams in this promotion, it leaves the remaining four teams to duke it out in a series of playoffs. The teams that come on top receive the last two spots in the final.

Each region will have four representatives in the live final, and they will be joined by a player from Team PokerStars. The first place team will win $25,000, as well as the Americas Cup of Poker 2011 title. The other 7 teams will split the remaining $75k prize pool, with 2nd place receiving more than 3rd place, and so on.

There will be nine teams licking their chops at the chance to take the Americas Cup of Poker title away from Canada, the 2010 champion. Don’t be afraid to take part in this unique promo if you are new to poker and just getting started with tournaments.

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